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An Australian story of adversity, abuse and acceptance.

This is a story in the book Broken Past Heals Dreams, written by Joileen Mischel, that will inspire and motivate you to be the person you want to be. It's a story of resilience and optimism - of how one woman came out of the shadowy and dark days of sexual abuse and fear, broken dreams and secrets, to achieve more than she imagined.


Dr. Carla S., Psychologist

‘With candid honesty, Joileen, processes her life in this inspirational autobiography. In her gritty and candid account, Joileen describes her journey and ultimately challenges the notion that we are defined by our past.



Jenny C., Counsellor

'Wow - after reading this book I just wanted to give Joileen a big hug for being such a brave, wise woman. So many tribulations and such an awesome ability to stay focused on the present moment and have faith in a better future.



Penelope N., Naturopath

Thank-you Joileen for YOUR story told with Eloquent Honesty and Grace with a powerful message in your words. The reader will know that even though Bad things happen to Good People when you don't use your experiences as...


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Broken Past Heals Dreams

This inspirational story is proof that when you have dreams and ambitions and you make a commitment to never give up on believing in yourself, amazing things can happen.

$29.99 incl. postage Australia wide

Joileen's Vision

Joileen vision is to show us, by example, that it is possible to live a satisfying and successful life after trauma and abuse to overcome the past hurts and create a life we are meant to live.

Image by Fuu J

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works”

Virginia Woolf

  • Author talk
    Author talk
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Tumbarumba, Prince St, Tumbarumba NSW 2653, Australia
    Time is TBD
    Tumbarumba, Prince St, Tumbarumba NSW 2653, Australia
    Come and join Joileen for an author talk at Tumbarumba.


Joileen Mischel

0415 392 101

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