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A Vision Only You Can See

“People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing all day.”

A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh.

What does the future look like? Many of us are feeling that change is inevitable; that it is coming. During the last year we have seen and felt changes that have in some way been beneficial while at the same time many have sadly felt the full brunt of negativity. I sense that we are being encouraged, spiritually, to let go of our past hurts, clear our minds, bodies, and hearts of our lost dreams and past hurts thus allowing ourselves to welcome the New Way of Being. How that New Way of Being unfolds is a mystery that we are certainly not able to predict.

Fortunately, I’m one of the grateful ones who has not been impacted too badly by the disruption to many areas of our lives. Yes, I had a holiday in New South Wales cut short when the borders closed but thankfully I had over three weeks of enjoyment with my family before I was persuaded to return. Then the plans that I’d formulated to get out there in the community and share my newly published autobiography Broken Past Heals Dreams, were sadly strangled in their infancy.

But that’s life isn’t it. There are no guarantees. I’ve learnt during my lifetime that disappointments are inevitable and often unexpected. Over time I’ve also realised that no matter what happens, somehow, someway, I’ll get through it. Furthermore, life has taught me that dwelling on what has happened or imagining what might have been different if I had made different choices, is a futile exercise.

Strangely, during the writing of my autobiography I felt a lifting of the burden of my past abuse and experiences and I’m now more able to look within and accept myself as a wise and whole person. That’s the strange thing about writing an autobiography, one sees one’s life, with all the past hurts and joys unfold into a vibrant tapestry of unique and personal life experiences.

It’s amazing how much one remembers, and understands about oneself, when reflecting on one’s past – the many surprisingly beautiful details of fond memories littered among the painful ones. As Danish philosopher Kierkegaard states, “Life must be lived forwards, but can only be understood backwards.”

I acknowledge that my life has been a slow progression of self-development which at times required a great deal of optimism, a good dose of courage, and yes hard work. I realised as I got to know myself through personal growth work that I could only reach my full potential by taking full responsibility for my own decisions and ongoing spiritual development.

Mine, I believe, is an inspirational story, underscored with a message of encouragement for those who are struggling with their self-identity and purpose in being. I’m proof that your past with its broken dreams and painful experiences does not need to dictate your future. When you have dreams and ambitions early in life and you make a commitment to never give up on believing you’ll accomplish them amazing things can happen. I proved that for me success was possible if I honestly believed and committed to achieving it.

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