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We Are The Story

Life is complicated. We all have a story to tell, whether we think we have lived what is considered an 'exciting' life or not. And, what a story it might be! We cannot erase our history, but we can reflect, and examine our experiences as a way of better understanding them, how they've contributed to who we are today, and what our future might hold.

Often, the sharing of our story helps us to heal, showing us the way forward after bad experiences. Writing offers a feeling of empowerment and facilitates the healing process, pulling us through difficult times. The writing process can lead to deeper understanding of the events that have transformed us and start the healing, and along with healing comes transformation.

Once we accept that we are not victims, simply beings presented with challenges and experiences, we can move forward and grow spiritually. My own story demonstrates that while we may have suffered at the hands of others it is possible, with conscious intention, to move on and create and achieve great things in life.

In truth, most spiritual people have in their past a darkness that they needed to experience to reach the spiritual maturity they are currently on. The ‘dark night of the soul’ as it is sometimes called, is not something we are always willing or proud to express and share; past hurts we have tried hard to suppress from our conscious experience. It’s only when we take ownership over these ‘dark’ experiences can we truly know ourselves. This is not an easy task and it is natural that our brain is wired to fight or flee from the danger of acknowledging the pain and shame.

We Are The Story
We Are The Story

Yet, when we let go of self-judgment and the fear of others’ judgments we can heal. When we run from something out of fear, we prevent ourselves from manifesting our true purpose. Remember, self-worth is only a concept- no one is inherently worthy or unworthy. What we receive in life is a reflection of our beliefs and vibration. When we face our ‘dark’ side we are more able to change our life for the better and unlock our souls’ true purpose.

We are divine beings, loved by the Creator who never judges us. Judgment is an illusion that has been invented to divide each from the other and this illusion has caused enormous suffering throughout human history. By acknowledging our dark side and letting go of self-judgment and accepting the lessons sent to us and really forgiving ourselves and others, we can begin our journey to awaken to our spiritual purpose.

Mine is a story that demonstrates the resilience of the human spirit. It is a story of how a young girl managed to hang on during the darkest of hours when life seemed unbearable, wondering if the abuse would ever end. Acknowledging the ‘dark’ within me and accepting the lessons I needed at that time has at times been difficult. But change always happens internally and I learned to let go of self-judgment and work at forgiving the past.

When you read my story ‘Broken Past Heals Dreams’ you will see how it is possible after childhood trauma and abuse to take control of your own destiny and become the person you were meant to be. Don’t be afraid to dream big, to give birth to a vision for a bigger, brighter future. Look for situations that inspire you to want more for yourself. Breathe life into your future through your ambition and long-term visions for a better life.

I encourage every one of you to follow your creative instincts. Keep sight of the big dreams you had as a child and don’t be afraid to shift gears when you need to in a way that will allow you to build the life you desire. Remember, you are the story. If like me you keep your dreams alive, you too can find your true soul purpose.

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